Disclaimer [This is not a fashion blog post, at least not today]

First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who in one way or another took part in the growth of DAPPERMAN KENYA. My personal photographer; Willy Muturi (Willy Muturi Photography) who knows exactly what we have endured to get to this point that we are in and in that regards I am truly great full and congratulations on winning best commercial photographer of the year 2016. I believed in you just as you believe in me.

My very good friend Nate Kamwaro (Men’s accessories East Africa) for providing dapperman Kenya with all the necessary accessories and also giving me a few pointers, this couldn’t be possible without you. Martin Njiru (Bold Tree Beads B.T.B) who is also in the accessories department and styling as well; this guy is like my personal adviser he usually tells me kama post inaweza haiwezi .

To the guy who makes sure the videos are top notch, Charles Maina (Charlie Films)

Last but not least to you my readers for liking commenting and sharing. I appreciate all the feedback and I’m more than great full to you because you keep pushing me not to do more per se but better. I tend to believe more in quality over quantity.So expect better for the second year and not because I have become an expert in blogging not at all as a matter of fact I think I have a long way to go but because I have added an year to my calendar and I’m open to improvement.

I made my first” documentary like” (not yet reached that standard but oh well)  The link is below and I must say it wasn’t easy I had like a million and one takes, I actually lost count when I was told: “take nine hundred and ni..” no seriously they were that many, but I will get better in time. So watch it and let me know what I need to change in future.

Over and above I would like to thank God for this far its been nothing but blessings on blessings.


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