Dapper men today i will take you through the essentials that you will decide to accessorize your outfit with to polish your look to the dapper gentleman that you want to be.


This is a MUST have if at all you perceive yourself to be a dapper gent. A bespoke suit always complements someones body physique since achieving a bespoke fit requires multiple fittings during creation   of the garment. I wont dwell much into details because in future I will give you a detailed publish of  the difference between a bespoke and a Made To Measure suit.


These are the things that will make or break your look. When it comes to accessories one has to be a bit cautious about how you chose them; they include lapel pins, pocket handkerchief, wrist watches and bracelets, glasses just to mention a few.


On my part I decided to also add a little bit of sophistication by polishing my boss look with a cigar, because cigar smokers are considered distinguished and noble people in the society.WIL_7150[2]






Below is short  video clip to show you a step by step process of how i achieved this look.





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