These are floral decorations worn on the lapel, typically they could either be a  single flower or bud.

The boutonniere was used to depict somebody’s status in the society by adding a touch of class and sophistication.

Picture 001

Boutonniere is a french word for button hole; the bud was termed so because it was pushed through the lapel button hole (usually on the left, same side as the pocket handkerchief) and the stem is held in place with a loop at the back of the lapel.

Picture 081.jpg

Nowadays we dress the lapel with lapel flowers and pins; these differ from the latter in that the don’t necessarily have to be floral structures. Gone are the days where usually   they were reserved for special occasions for which formal wear was standard such as at weddings (popularly known as corsage).

Picture 073.jpg


Picture 071


These lapel flowers come in different colors so one has to pick the one that compliments their outfit, so one has the authority to play around with colors and be adventurous.

Picture 076


Picture 070


Picture 079


Picture 080

Next time, before you step out don’t forget this accessory, stay dapper fellow men.




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